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Most people are looking for a “get rich quick” or “do very little . . . and earn a lot.” They say . . . “A fool and his money are soon parted.” These 17 steps are hard work and if you do 15 of the 17 steps, you’ll walk away poor. If you try to “cheat / short change the system” you’ll end up wasting a great deal of time and money . . . i.e. your life.

It’s your choice of course! We’re here to help you make the great choices all along the way. 🙂

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BIG Picture 17 Steps

Phase 1 ~ Foundation – Click Here

Phase 2 ~ Beginnings – Click Here

Phase 3 ~ Details – Click Here

Phase 4 ~ Passive Income / Clone Self – Click Here

Phase 1 ~ Foundation

1. Identify Topics & Cool - Sexy - Interesting Name

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_1

Very important first step as it’s the first impression people will have. Catch people off guard, shock them, awaken them, make them think. Don’t worry, you can go back and change this and probably will a number of times. Take 3 minutes, come up with the best you can and then move on to Step 2.

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Example ~ The LEVERAGE Course

2. 3 to 5 Major Areas

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_2

This step helps us to narrow down our focus into major categories which help to organize our thoughts, insights, stories, etc.  Again this can and will be changed throughout your journey.

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Example ~ The LEVERAGE Course

3. Flesh out sub details

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_3

In the book “Made To Stick” we learn about “The curse of knowledge” which means that we often don’t know what we know. This is not good for the transfer of knowledge, feelings, insights . . . IP. Each of the 3 to 5 Major Areas will typically have 3 to 5 sub topics which convey what we are seeking to express to the reader / viewer, individual we are seeking to connect with. This also helps us to keep tight and not wonder which is the natural tendency of most people.

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

Example ~ The LEVERAGE Course

4. Create a great graphic

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_4

Mark Boersma is not an artist but he’s learned to put his thoughts into pictures in a very cool looking journal. This forced Mr. Boersma to learn to simplify things to where people could see what he was doing. Many people who have seen his journal’s share they think of Leonardo Da Vinci’s journal. Visualize things in nature, things people experience every day and then seek to connect your IP, your story, your experiences to those things and you will have direct access to the brain of those people you seek to influence / impact

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Example ~ The LEVERAGE Course Added Value BONUS Sessions


Phase 2 ~ Beginnings

5. 1 page summary - 199 Words

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_5

The one page 199 words summary of what you are seeking to convey will help you seek to condense what you are seeking to communicate into something tight. This is very important as the biggest threat to our success in cloning ourselves / IP transfer is that we are not clear in our thoughts and/or how we communicate those thoughts to others. 

LEVERAGE The MVP Network SystemsFREE MVP Workbook

The 100 words takes it to another whole dimension where were want to “Ask A Question” and then “Tell A Story” in less than 1 minute with an 1 minute MVP video. www.TheMVPnetwork.org has a unique process which will help you to condense your thoughts into something that will be shared in a unique and powerful way. Your 1 minute MVP video will draw additional people and resources to you which is critical to making dimensional jumps. Mr. Boersma wanted to point out . . . you are free to create our own 1 minute video or contract with someone other than The MVP Network to do . . . but if you do this . . . do not blame the system if you do not see success.

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

Example LEVERAGE . . . The CourseFREE MVP Workbook

6. White paper

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_6

Your white paper should ideally be 3 pages long and then have Q&A which could make it up to 15 to 20 pages long. If you are passionate about a topic and have talked, shared and experienced whatever IP / topic you are writing about, you will probably have a pretty good idea as to what questions people will come up with. Writing a white paper does many things for you. Talk with your mastermind group and/or your ActionVision coach about all the benefits you will gain and how it fits into your overall life vision / business plan. Two of the most important benefits are:

1. Will help you to tighten up what you are sharing.

2. Will start to build an ARRT ~ Atomic Ripple Reaction Team / Tree

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7. Lead Mastermind Group

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_7

Writing the white paper / the book is the easy part actually. 🙂 Distributing the white paper / your book, doing seminars / workshops is the hard part. It’s building distribution channels to distribute your IP that’s really hard, time consuming and costly to do. Tapping into other mastermind groups and building your own groups. Mastermind groups serve so many functions from refining your presentation, story . . . to helping get the word out to their networks. www.Mastermind-Seminars.org and www.MyCoffeeConnection.org are two networking groups that you for sure want to plug into. If you want Profitable Partners who have powerful BOS ~ Business Operating Systems, then join the ActionVision network for even faster results. www.dnaforsuccess.com/implementation/one-on-one

<p style=”text-align: center;”>7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&amp;A Bonus Session(s)

8. 7 Week course

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_8

Once we are leading a mastermind group then we can, from the white paper develop a 7 week course. If you want to write the first version of your book, you can do that as part of the course as well. Write one chapter a week and then present on that chapter each week. So easy . . . in a way, it really is. Having a 7 week course you could then sell the course and/or give it away, depending on what your goals are.

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Phase 3 ~ Details

9. ActionVision Coaching

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_9

Often people will move forward with ActionVision coaching prior to this which is great. The faster someone does this the easier the M&M process will be for them. Most people will cry and whine about all that they have on their plate . . . how busy they are . . . how they don’t have any time for things . . . not realizing that they are just full of drama and it’s killing them.

When we become crystal clear as to what our Life Vision is and have a customize designed / engineered BOS ~ Business Operating System, (AV-BOS) on average people within 30 to 60 days they will have 35% more time. We have a choice and when we make create choices we have an abundance of free time and when we don’t make great choices . . . well we don’t have free time and lots of other issues as well. You can also become certified as an ActionVision coach and build a worldwide network of others who could distribute your IP around the world.

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10. Seminars

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_10

A seminar could be something as simple as a 15 minute presentation to a small group of people or it could be something for days. Start out small and then use your AV-BOS to start getting a machine in place to set up speaking engagement after speaking engagement and grow it from there. What’s interesting is that that more you present your IP the better you’ll get at it and the more you’ll learn and grow in the deeper understanding of your IP and how to engage others in what you are sharing. Doing a breakout session at www.Mastermind-Seminars.org is a great way to test out the delivery of your IP to others. Participating in one of the many virtual mastermind groups is another great way to practice sharing your IP. www.dnaforsuccess.com/mastermind-groups

Mastermind Seminars Coffee Connections

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

11. Workshops

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_11

Workshops are different than seminars in that for the most part a seminar is the “expert” sharing with people what they know. A workshop is when you get down in the trenches and work with people to make your IP, life changing. It seems . . . that most speakers may be in it more for their own ego than maybe changing the lives of others . . . OR . . . maybe speakers just don’t realize that 99% of those the share their IP will do almost nothing with it. Workshops are a great way to get in the trenches and determine if your IP just worked for you or if your IP could work for anyone. 🙂

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s) White papers help to flesh out ideas . . . which leads to speaking . . . which leads to seminars . . . which leads to workshops PEOPLE TAKING ACTION . . . which leads to deep knowledge . . . which leads to one on one coaching . . . which leads to to deeply impact the lives of people . . . which leads to providing the wisdom to write a powerful book . . . which leads to PROFITABLE IP ~ Intellectual Property . . . which leads to revenue . . . which leads to have a product which can be sold through your distribution channels and the distribution channels of others.

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

12. Consulting

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_12

 If you’re a great student and curious then the next step after seminars and workshops is consulting. You can earn 10x’s or 100x’s in consulting than you could in the seminars and speaking and what’s interesting is that when you move into consulting, not only will you get paid really well, but you’ll learn so much more about the strengths and weaknesses that your IP really as, at a deep level. This will make your speaking, seminars, workshops, white paper, mastermind groups and your book so much better. Having your own AV-BOS will help you to get all this in AND work less all at the same time.

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

Phase 4 ~ Passive Income / Clone Self

13. Write a book

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_13

Now . . . are we ready to write our book? 🙂 If you’ve already written it, that’s great and you can lead with this step and then move through all the previous 12 steps. If you do that, then after you complete the 12 steps, you’ll be ready for a revised version of your book for sure. Mr. Boersma’s international speaking coach Linda Brakeall shared that you don’t write a book to share your wisdom on a topic . . . but you write a book to gain deep insights into a specific topic. All 17 Steps actually interconnect with another another and all support and feed the success of one another.

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

14. Become international speaker / author

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_14

It’s kind of funny in a way . . . but as soon as you become an “International” speaker / author then people think more of you. They think you are more successful and they think you are smarter. This then leads to even more opportunities professionally and financially as well. This provides massive LEVERAGE which then can be used in expanding the results that you will receive from your past efforts as well as your future efforts as well.

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

15. TV / Radio

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_15

What can be very strange is that people often don’t realize how easy it is to get on local TV or Radio. It can be as simple as “just asking.” Yep . . . it can be that simple, but people still won’t do it. Go ahead and try to do this as one of the first steps in your process and see if you can do it. Don’t worry about doing it right, you’ll do it fine. Even if no one sees you, it does something inside of you to give you more energy and confidence. Use your AV-BOS to create a ARRT RIPPLE and speak to ever expanding markets.

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

16. Distribution Channels

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_16

We’ve talked some about distribution channels and if you’ve done the previous steps as assigned and you have your AV-BOS they you’re set to take your business, speaking, IP to a whole new dimension. Learning to be a Leaders of Leaders, learning to take your Coffee Connection and mastermind groups and having that multiply itself without your efforts is so very rewarding personally, professionally and financially. Learning how to be strategic in plugging in the right Profitable Partners into your AV-BOS / distribution channels and them into yours will multiply your efforts and start to get your business to run without you . . . i.e. create passive income.

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

17. Legacy

Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/successful-leadership/17Steps/#et_pb_toggle_17

How many very wealthy people work most of their lives to amass great wealth only to then work the rest of their lives to give it away? It’s never too early to think about the legacy that we’re going to leave to all future generations. What have we been put on this planet to achieve? What meaning will our life’s work have after we are no longer here? Will we have made a difference on all those that we could have made a difference and will it be significant?

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

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