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Added Value BONUS Sessions | DNA for Life
Added Value BONUS Sessions

The following lessons are bonus lessons which will help you better understand the precision to not only the 4 lessons in Phase 1, but also of great value to earning money from your efforts. Most individuals who develop IP, often do not do so well with the business / sales generating side of the IP. These lessons will help.

Bonus #1
Learning How To Sell / LEVERAGE

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Learn how to use ARRT to clone
success and earn money.

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)


Bonus #2
Life Vision Is Everything!

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Direct Link – http://dnaforlife-laws.com/17steps/bonus/#et_pb_toggle_2

Life Vision Is Everything!

7 Minute Lesson 23 Minute Q&A Bonus Session(s)

Discovery our story and then telling it, is . . . without question hard work. Getting ourselves and our businesses in position to where we can earn money is even harder and creating a machine to create passive income is extremely hard.

We talk, in this lesson, how we better have discovered our life vision and we better be really passionate about working hard to achieve that life vision, each and every day.

Most people say they are passionate about something . . . and they are on one level / dimension . . . but to create passive income . . . we probably need to make a number of dimensional jumps which will most likely be very painful and require a great deal of hard work.

If you have not discovery your life vision and written it down, please work with your ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies to do so yourself and make sure everyone else around you is doing it as well.

Real Life StoriesDiscover My Life Vision

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