30 Day Challenge……Freedom
From Time Slavery!


tanglwood_logo_bigMark, if you think this can be helpful to the group please share it. I don’t have everyone’s email.

I learned something valuable today. When you told me to give the question of actually getting more time versus just allocating time differently some thought, I did. Here is what I learned:
As you said, I can actually gain more time not just by using 5 freedom fighters, but by thinking differently. Maybe this is my analytical nature and other personality types do it differently but I see that my undisciplined thinking and acting destroys my time. If I am disciplined in thinking and acting, I will gain tremendous amounts of time. For example, right after the call today I had a lunch business meeting. I arrived ½ hour early and so did the other person. I saw him but he did not see me.

MoreTimeMy first reaction was to go over to him and start the meeting early but I stopped myself because I realized the meeting would not end any earlier, just take longer. I mentally delegated the responsibility to start the meeting to him. Then I thought of some things I could do in the “extra” time but I delegated them as well since I saw that I did not have to do them myself. So I gained a half hour of time that I decided to use to go for a walk.

tanglwood_lake_side_bigAll in all, I see that the amount of time I have is a matter of my state of mind. If I am careful, disciplined and do not let myself get pulled off track in different directions, if I am disciplined in getting tasks done in a timely way AND I do not fill up the time gained with unnecessary anxious activity, I can gain more time than I can imagine.

What will I do with this…

I think that for me, a lot of it goes back to my inner anxiety and the false need I feel to fill my time up with activity. Just seeing this will help me let go but would be even better if I practice by putting time constraints on my working time and make a full stop when I reach the stopping point.

Thanks for the help.


Alan Stein

President, Tanglewood Conservatories

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