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Youth Financial Literacy | DNA for Life
What is Financial Success?

Most people think of financial success in terms of money or material wealth which is precisely why so few people will achieve true financial success.

The following three modules approach financial success from a very different perspective. It takes a look at how we think not what we have or what we do. Why is this perspective so powerful?

When we learn to think in a different way, our actions / behavior will change.

Module 1 - These lessons help us to understand at a deep level. . .

These lessons help us to understand at a deep level that there are natural laws and “Those who are rich, in any area of life, are rich because they understand and follow the natural laws and those who are not, do not.”

#1 – Power of Natural Laws
#2 – 5T’s to Stewardship
#3 – Four Types of Personalities
#4 – for 1 Principle
#5 – 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters
#6 – Disciplined Thinker
#7 – Delayed Gratification
Review of Module 1 – Preview of Module 2

Module 2 - What are some of the secrets, some of the Natural Laws. . .

What are some of the secrets, some of the Natural Laws that the past President of the largest real estate company in the world used to achieve his goals? Are there things that we can learn, which will cause us to think in a very different way, which will help us to break through some of the challenges / problems we may have been facing for years.

Intro to Module 2
#1-Conceive, Believe, Achieve
#1-Conceive, Believe, Achieve – Part 2
#2-Being a Profucer Vs. a Consumer
#3-Claim Unclaimed Territory
#4-Bring More Value Than you are Getting Paid
#5-Work Hard/Smart, Save Invest, Give
#6-Learn to Create Something from Nothing

Module 3 - These lessons will blow you away! . . .

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