Business Sense From Everyday Moms

What do everyday moms know that every business owner, leader, and an employee would benefit from? Think about it for a minute. Children seem to be born into this world kind of selfish, thinking about themselves, focused on getting what they want in life . . . no matter what. When they are small, when children are little we often laugh about how selfish, self-centered, self-focused they are.

But . . . those little children grow up into adults and owners of companies see how leaders often are very much like children and leaders see how employees are like children and children see how owners are selfish and self-centered and the circle of the blame goes around and around. Rosanna, the mother of seven children (4 girls and 3 boys with VERY different personality types) and five beautiful grandchildren has learned and is still learning how to build them into highly productive children and now grandchildren.

When we ALL learn to think like moms and realize we all are like children, both in a good and bad way, that is when we will learn to solve problems in ways, those in business today maybe not know how to think like today. Share this with others you know in all area of your life.

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