Do you believe that you have something special that you want to share with others?  M&M ~ Master & Monetize will help you discover your deep “Why” . . . what makes you special, what makes you amazing . . . your life vision.  M&M will help you to discover things about yourself that you may have never realized . . . AND . . . then will help you learn how to turn that into financial gain.

This mastermind group is engineered to take you through 17 Steps To Turn discover your IP ~ Intellectual Property and turn it into financial success for you and a lot of people around you.

The following are case studies for actual individuals not only learning how to do this . . . but doing it right before your eyes.

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Master & Monetize

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The MAGICAL Arts of POSITIVE Motivation & Manipulation.

  • Create Win ~ Win ~ Win for everyone involved.
  • Know what you want and how to get it.
  • Learn to sell anything for mutual benefit.

Business Sense From Everyday Moms

What if C-Level and business owners were looking in the wrong places for the challenges they were facing with their employees . . .

B4 “Business Cubed”

Are interested in . . . “BSIS”

  • Buying Businesses
  • Starting Businesses
  • Investing Into Businesses
  • Selling Businesses

Discovery Learning

Are you interested in helping people to learn to Think Differently to solve all their challenges / problems?

Ebony Entrepreneurs

Are you in the Black / African-American community and desiring to partner with others inside and outside of the Black / African-American community bring economic benefit through entrepreneurialism for the mutual benefit of everyone?

The truth is that there are some huge benefits to being a Black entrepreneur . . . AND . . . some challenges as well. This powerful mastermind group is designed to build successful / profitable business not only within the Black community but in all communities.

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