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The Ultimate Life…

The Ultimate Life . . .

A New Year . . . new beginnings, new hope and new opportunities.

If it’s been a great year . . . we look for it to continue and get even better and if it’s been a tough year . . . we have reason to believe that this new year will be very different than the past one.

This white paper is a part of my personal journey to fulfill my destiny of touching every single person in the world . . . and that means you.

As a result of someone caring a great deal about you in sharing this white paper with you . . . you have now entered in my life and I have entered into your life. When you think about that, it’s pretty exciting!

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I trust you gain as much benefit from reading this, as I did in writing it. Thank you for sharing the gift of life with me today!

Dear Reader,

This white paper is one of a number of white papers designed to assist people from around the world to achieve their full potential in every area of their lives, i.e. their Ultimate Life.

These white papers are free of charge and written from various members within The Vision Project.  The purpose of the is to help individuals, all around the world, discover their own personal Life Vision and then to plug all of our life visions together to make the world a better place to live for everyone.

There are a number of other white papers which compliment this white paper which can be found at .  The more we SEE / DO and UNDERSTAND the more money we will earn, the less hours we will work, the less stress we will have and the greater life balance we will have in every area of our lives.

We trust you will benefit from what is shared and share this with others.

Life Masteries Institute

Let’s say . . . bottom line, that we may not always feel, that we’re living The Ultimate Life.

There are seven fairly simple steps one can take from this white paper to achieve our Ultimate Life.

The bottom line . . . really is . . . that for us to change anything in our life, our income, where or how we live, who we have in our lives, our relationships, our careers, our family, emotionally, physically, morally, spiritually or any other “ly” we value in any area of our lives is that we need to learn to . . .

“Think in a different way than what we think now.”

I don’t know if you fully buy into this, but truth is truth and over time, I believe, if we seek the truth we will find it and “The truth will set us free.

What’s interesting is how very hard it is to think in a different way than what we think now.  IT IS NOT EASY!  IT IS VERY HARD!  It is all worth it as we pursue the journey of having “The Ultimate Life.”

We trust this white paper along with the movie, will help you and those around you to think in a different way.  We we, and those around us learn to think in different ways, we’ll start to see that our lives will become very different.

When I think of the life I have and what I have had to get where I’m at over the 49 years I look back with so many fond memories.  I love the journey of life I have been given and am so grateful for each and every life experience, especially the hardest ones, where I didn’t know if I was going to make it through.

This white paper is all about helping each and everyone of us, and those around us, to have “The Ultimate Life” and the steps need to obtain that life. Actually . . . there is a very strong argument, that few would refute, that it’s impossible to have The Ultimate Life if those around us are not also experiencing the same thing.

mustdoWe will work very hard in this white paper to share with you concrete, absolute things you MUST do, in order to build your Ultimate Life.  We will use the special symbol on the left, to show when something “MUST” be done.  What I have found, in life, is that there is almost always a short term sacrifice to gain the long term benefit. –

Our first assignment is to watch the movie with friends and families.

Goal Date: ___/___/____

Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____

Those individuals I will invite over to watch the movie with me:

Step 1:  What Is The Ultimate Life . . . To/For You?
Have you ever, not been clear as to what you want in life?  It’s kind of like going on a trip and not knowing where we want to go.  If we’re not sure where we want to end up it’s pretty hard to get there.The discovery of my own personal Life Vision has helped me to pursue My Ultimate Life as I believe I understand “the end game” what the purpose of my life is all about.  Why have I been put on this planet?  Why do I have the interested, talents, passions that I have?  Why am I attracted to certain types of people and why don’t I click with certain people and they with me?A great exercise is Lesson 4 – Discover My Own Life Vision.  Take 20 minutes or whatever it takes to discover your own life vision.
Goal Date: ___/___/____    Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____
Step 2:  Discover The Types Of People I Need In My Life
In the movie, it gives some amazing insight as to how important it is to have mentors in our lives.  If we have to discover / learn everything on our own it’s going to take more than our lifetime to acquire the knowledge needed to obtain “The Ultimate Life.”Once we are very clear as to what we want to have The Ultimate Life we need to actively seek out those individuals who will help us to shortcut the learning process, the networks needed, the technology, the IP – Intellectual Property . . . etc.  Determine who we need in our lives and then actively seek those individuals out.Eight years ago, I realized I needed to gain access to a CEO of a worldwide company to gain access to worldwide leaders in business.  I looked at who I knew and then worked it from there.  I asked Lance Kammes, a friend and a client, if he knew the President of CENTURY 21.  He said he had met him once.  I said that was good enough for me.  Lance was willing to send Tom an email I had put together and a year later Tom and I were co-authoring a book “Community / Business Partnerships.”Writing that one book, has opened doors to leaders of other world wide companies as well as amazing community based leaders like Jim Williams, CEO of Easter Seals. Tom helped Easter Seals raise over 100 million dollars.  That lead to Tom and I talking further and Tom coming up with the idea of he and I working together to raise over ten billion dollars for worthwhile community based organizations all around the world AND helping businesses who help those community based organizations generate over hundred million in new sales as a result of helping others.From that one simple connect, worked, nurtured, developed and driven forward, Mastermind Seminars and Mastermind Partnerships was born. NEVER underestimate the power of knowing just one specific person can do to help you in achieving The Ultimate Life.  Sometimes . . . that person may just come into our lives, but often, we need to seek that person out and seek their input.Make a list, in a spreadsheet, of all the people you know along with their contact information and their biggest challenge and what they would love help on.  When we help others to have their Ultimate Life they will help us to achieve ours.
Goal Date: ___/___/____   Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____
Step 3:  Be Grateful
In the movie there is a part where one of the individuals shares “Mommy taught me to speak out 10 things, every day, for things I am thankful to God for.”  I think of Scott Allred who has a passion to help people learn, yes learn, to be more grateful.The concept is actually pretty simple . . . as we are more grateful / thankful we will tend to have more to be grateful and thankful for.It’s interesting, people tend to like to be around grateful and positive people.  The more people we tend to attract in life the more talents and gifts we have to help and be helped by.  The more people we are connected to, the more we are able to share our own talents and gifts and the more we share our gifts with others the more they will tend to share their gifts with us.“I commit to be more grateful, going forward in life.  I will seek to say or write ten things each and every day for what I am grateful for.”Goal Date: ___/___/____   Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____

Step 4:  Have A Plan . . . An Operating System
A plan can be something as simple as writing notes on a napkin or it can be thousands of pages.  The more we want to accomplish, the larger our goals, the more money we seek to earn, the more people we want to impact and the greater the impact we seek to have . . . probably the more detailed the plan will need to be.

If you are the owner of a company then you want / need to have a BOS – Business Operating System, the engine which will help you get to where you want / need to go.  If you are an employee then learning to think like a business owner will help you to gain the benefits that business owners have.

Our Ultimate Life also consists of People – Career – Life / Wisdom.

There are three parts to any BOS – Business Operating System . . .
– DNA for People
– DNA for Business
– DNA for Life

The truth is, the most successful those around us are, the more successful we will tend to be.  Why are those who attend Harvard or Stanford universities often so successful?  Is it because of their education?  Probably not.  It very well might be, in large part, to the network connections which are developed in college.

With the web / social media the barriers, the walls are starting to come down.  We have so much more potential, that we’re not tapping into, that with just a little extra work, a little extra knowledge, connecting with a few people, SEEing a few things we do not see now, UNDERSTANDing a few things we are not understanding now, will cause us to THINK in a very different way.  When we THINK in a different way we start to DO things in a different way than we have in the past.

“List out a few goals that we want to accomplish and then then action steps to accomplish those goals.”
Goal Date: ___/___/____   Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____

Step 5:  Understand People
To accomplish anything in life of deep value it involves people.  What’s interesting is that most people will acknowledge that “I really don’t understand people and often don’t feel I really even understand myself.”Why?

In many ways people are very complex and seemingly unpredictable.  What helps us to better understand ourselves as well as others is the DNA for Understanding People – Personality Masteries.

Why are we attracted to our opposite?  Why do the things which seem to cause us to fall in love with someone then push us away from that person years later?  Why is that our greatest strengths become our greatest weaknesses?

Why is it that the people who drive us the most crazy are the one’s that we really need in our lives the most?

How do we leverage our gifts and the gifts of others to achieve The Ultimate Life for everyone we are connected with?

Having a deep understanding of our own personality and of the personalities of those around us will help us to help others.

Take the personality test and take a few minutes to learn more about personalities.
Goal Date: ___/___/____   Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____
Step 6:  Understand Business
When we say “Business” we really mean enterprise, “The ability to turn our talents into benefits, other receive and value, and then we gain financially as a result of our gifts, talents, and efforts.”Many people around the world look at owners of businesses with reverence, respect and kind of envy, wishing they could own their own company.What most people don’t realize, probably because most have never really owned their own company is that really the ONLY difference between someone who owns their own company and someone who does not is the business owner “Thinks” in a different way than the employee.

There are so many interesting things about business owners that many people often do not realize.  Why are the most successful business owners often so humble? There are so many mistakes, so many things that the business owner must learn, that they make a lot of mistakes and are often, somewhat surprised they have realized success inspite of all their failures.

There is a golden nugget in the movie, which very few business owners even seem to know and that is some of the biggest business breakthroughs will not come from business but from our children.

See if, when you go through the movie, you can spot where the difference between this man’s success and his failure has everything to do with him spending time with his children.

Understanding economic success is really all about understanding people (DNA of People) + Wisdom (DNA of Life – Natural Laws). Open our eyes, shut our mouths, listen at a deep level and find out why others think they way they do.

Read the classic book “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  It’s not just about getting rich financially be being rich in every area of life.
Goal Date: ___/___/____   Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____
Step 7:  Understand Life
Did you notice in the movie how the older rancher was more than willing to share how and why he was so successful?  Did you notice that the young man was seeking wisdom when others were having a fun time.  Why is it that the masses tend to seek to have a “Good time in life” in the moment, living in and for the moment while only a few will make the sacrifices in the short term for the benefit of the long term?Did you notice, that the man probably in his 70’s, who owned the oil refinery said “I thought the same way you do when I was your age.”  Hmmmm, interesting.  My wife and seven children continue to share how strange they think I am and how strange my thinking was as a child and teenager.

I remember turning forty, now almost ten years ago, and how I thought “Wow, I wish I knew at twenty what I now know at forty.”  Is that a strong thought?  Have you ever looked back ten, twenty or even longer and wished you knew then what you now know?  The next thought I had is what changed my life forever.

I thought . . . “Hmmm, if I’m thinking like this now, I bet when I’m 60 that I will wish I knew at 40 what I know at 60.  How could I learn in a few years what normally takes 20 years to learn?”  The answer came pretty quick to me and that was to find individuals who are 20 years older and ask them to share what they learned in their last 20 years.

I set out on that journey and through hard work and being intentional, quickly found a number of people who helped me to learn things much faster.  We in The Vision Project network refer to these as Natural Laws.  Another interesting discovery I made during this time is that those who are much younger, even as young as an infant to a seven year old also have helped me to discover deep truths about people and life.
Go through one Career Success six minute video a week and share it with three other people.
 Goal Date: ___/___/____   Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____

Well . . . “What did you think?”

Will we take advantage of the lives of others who have gone before us and desire to give those gifts to us?

The white paper is a fairly fast and easy read.  Following through with the specific assignments will take more time and discipline which is really where 99% of the value to you will come from.

In the last assignment “Must DO” we strongly recommended that you join a weekly phone mastermind lunch and learn – Mastermind Seminar group.  We have found that Mastermind Seminars and Mastermind Partnerships – Community / Business Partnership LIVE Events are some of the easiest and fastest ways to start Profitable Partnering with others.

Check out the following website for additional information.

Questions . . . Call the individual who passed this white paper along to you OR call toll free 888.789.7878.  Outside the US – 630.393.9909

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