Business Sense From Everyday Moms

What if C-Level and business owners were looking in the wrong places for the challenges they were facing with their employees?

Think about it . . . how many of the issues that executives and owners of companies are facing connect back into people issues? It seems, that maybe a lot of the C-Level and business owners are men and where do they go to solve their problems? Other C-Level men.
What if . . . we men in the executive offices . . . where to humble ourselves and talked our mothers, our wives and other moms to see what thoughts they have?

Think about it . . . they helped us to be how we are today. Maybe they have some ideas which will help us to have a larger influence on those we are seeking to influence. What do we have to lose?

Business Success
From Everyday Moms

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Business Success From Everyday Moms
Are you an owner of a company or a C-Level executive who has a problem . . . you seem stuck on?  Have you talked to all your other C-Level buddies . . . and still seem stuck.  Tom Kunz, past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world discovered solutions from some of the most unusual places.  He often talked to everyday moms to gain a different perspective.
Tom’s not along . . . many of the most successful leads of all times learned to discover solutions in places that their peers never looked.  Register and share our biggest challenge with this mastermind group.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
In this mastermind group, we take a mom who raised seven children, four of which own their own companies and three which probably will in less than five years.  She is also leading by example and is already starting to assist her five grandchildren learn how to think like entrepreneurs, both as business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

The Magic of 5
Core Elements

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 Play LessonRosanna discovered the power of both the 5 Core Elements and how to embed the very DNA of her vision, for helping us all to learn to think differently.

1. DO . . . things that others do not do
2. LEARN . . . the levels of the playing field
3. THINK . . . in ways others to not think
4. SEE . . . things others do not see
5. GIVE . . . in a way that inspires others to grow

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Driving Force &
Time Block

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If we don’t have clarity as to our Driving Force, our Wii-FM, (What’s In It For me) we will not invest the time / effort into doing what
we need to do.
Our Driving Force should be both MEASURABLE and have a DUE DATE.
Based on our Driving Force we then need to Time Block time weekly or maybe even daily.  The larger our Driving Force that
more time we probably should block and the more disciplined we should be in following through.
Did you write down these five things and commit them to memory?  Do you realize they are in a very specific order for a very
specific reason?  Ask your ARRT Mentor about Dimensional Thinking and how these four things connect back into the four stages
within each dimension.

1. DO . . . things that others do not do
2. LEARN . . . the levels of the playing field
3. THINK . . . in ways others to not think
4. SEE . . . things others do not see
5. GIVE . . . in a way that inspires others to grow

ARRT and LEVERAGE go together and will give us and those around us more time.

Learning The Secret About Time and how to think differently about time will attract a lot more people and resources to you which
you need to have to get your IP to the world and turn it into money for you.

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