30 Day Challenge……Freedom
From Time Slavery!

5 Time Management Lessons

Time Management - Analytical

Time Management – Analytical – (Shape: Cube // Pain: Improperly Done) Are you feeling overwhelmed, not enough time in the day, feeling a lot of stress, and feel you do not have the time to give to your family, loved ones, or even for yourself/just doing things you enjoy doing? This session promises to be a life changer on time management like you’ve never experienced. It will help the analytical personality to better understand how they can gain an extra 7 hours or more a week. It will help all personalities learn some of the secrets to the analytical which can save everyone time and help us to be more effective. If you test out as an analytical personality or if you have an analytical in your life, this is a must see session that will help you to achieve greater success, in less time, in every area of your life.($19.95)

Time Management - Driver

Time Management – Driver – (Shape: Pyramid // Pain: Things being out-of-control) Are you frustrated by others around you not keeping up with you? Are you tired that others expect you to produce amazing results but then seem to hold you back from performing your magic? This session is great for the driver personality to better understand how to help others around them be more effective with the driver’s time and to help the driver understand how through just a few tweaks in how they do things they could save time and get to their goals much faster. Excellent session for those individuals who are frustrated with drivers in their lives in learning how to understand them at a very deep level. Great session with 43 minutes of instructions and 20 minutes of Q&A. ($19.95)

Time Management - Expressive

WOW, the four different types of expressive personalities are so very interesting. It’s like each one is a totally different personality. If you are an expressive, do you ever wonder way you accomplish so much at times and then in other situations, you accomplish so little or maybe even seem to be going backwards? This 48 minutes of expert instruction along with the 12 minutes of Q&A will help you to understand the expressive like you’ve never understood them in the past. If you are an expressive you will learn how to leverage your strengths to great success and fame and if you are another personality, this session will help you to learn how to tap into the energy, excitement, and passion of the expressive to assist you have more fun, get more time, and to see greater success in every area of your life. ($19.95)

Time Management - Amiable

Time Management – Amiable – (Shape: Circle // Pain: Conflict) WOW, this session was incredible! If you are an amiable, do you ever struggle trying to get a task accomplished and please people at the same time? This 35 minutes of expert instruction along with the 25 minutes of Q&A will help you to understand the amiable like you’ve never understood them in the past. If you are an amiable, you will learn how to use your strengths in working with people to build your career and if you are another personality, this session will help you to learn how to tap into the heart, desire to please people, and tenacity of the amiable to assist you have have stronger relationships, get more done, and to see greater success in every area of your life. A bonus to this session is a key to understanding the heart of an amiable and 5 questions to ask the special woman in your life (or for that special man in your life to ask you) to connect deeply into her heart. ($19.95)

Time Management - Chameleon

What strengths and weaknesses do the chameleon personality have in time management? How can their diverse energy accomplish so much? This session was a wild one as we learn how how to better understand the chameleon personality, what motivates them, why they make the decisions they do, how to work with them, understand them, sell to them, manage them, understand them as a leader, and even learn how to take their gifts/strengths and apply them to our lives. If we are the chameleon personality we will learn more about ourselves, what makes us tick, how we can take gifts of flexibility and prevent it from becoming a weakness. We will learn why “When we are hot we are really hot and when we are not, why not.” We will learn how to take the gift of flexibility and leverage that for even greater success while not being taken advantage of. We will also learn how to identify the times to switch personalities how to stay in control of this. Join us for a jam-packed session where we discover the answers to all of this and more with 35 minutes of instruction and 25 minutes of Q&A, a story on how Mach 1 was discovered and how could help your business, expert advice from Tom Kunz, past President of Century 21, and much more. ($19.95)

timesecretAre you looking to gain more time in the day?
Secret About Time


Would you like to learn how to to apply natural laws to give you more freedom with your time?

Napoleon Hill says in “Think and Grow Rich” that “Whatever the mind can Conceive and Believe it can Achieve.”

I starting applying this formula in November of 2011 and within three months I had an extra 20 hours of week of extra time that I do not know what to do with. It transformed my life and I love having all the extra time I do now. It’s like I was enslaved before and now I have freedom.

I would recommend that you take 20 minutes a day for the next 30 days and really focus on watching, learning, and applying each one of the natural laws below. It changed my life and I believe will change yours as well.
– If you go through one video a day for 30 days, you will get through each of the videos three times.
– If you share this with three other people in your life and you hold each other accountable in going through and applying each of these daily for 30 days, you will be amazed what what this will do for you and others around you.

Did you know . . .

  • FOLLOW THROUGH – That we often do not follow through with those things we don’t cost us anything financially, even though, they often will change our lives?
  • THANKFULNESS – That others have given generously and sacrificially to provide these amazing resources to us?
  • GIVE – That if we give generously or even sacrificially (we give so much that it kind of hurts) that we’re more likely to go through each of these lessons?
  • CONSISTENCY – That if we commit to give weekly, even if it’s only a few dollars, that we will then apply what we are learn weekly?
  • GIVE – GET – That those who give financially, are more sensitive, to how what they are learning will help them financially and they will often get back far more financially than they give?
  • PAY IT FORWARD – The more we give the more people are reached . . . the more people we help . . . and the more we and our loved one’s are helped and we often do not even know it?
  • ABUNDANCE – That those how give more . . . they will get more?

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