Did you know . . .

  • FOLLOW THROUGH – That we often do not follow through with those things we don’t cost us anything financially, even though, they often will change our lives?
  • THANKFULNESS – That others have given generously and sacrificially to provide these amazing resources to us?
  • GIVE – That if we give generously or even sacrificially (we give so much that it kind of hurts) that we’re more likely to go through each of these lessons?
  • CONSISTENCY – That if we commit to give weekly, even if it’s only a few dollars, that we will then apply what we are learn weekly?
  • GIVE – GET – That those who give financially, are more sensitive, to how what they are learning will help them financially and they will often get back far more financially than they give?
  • PAY IT FORWARD – The more we give the more people are reached . . . the more people we help . . . and the more we and our loved one’s are helped and we often do not even know it?
  • ABUNDANCE – That those how give more . . . they will get more?

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