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Career Success | DNA for Life

New Lessons

The Value Of Pressure & 3 Elements To Frustration

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Have you ever felt pressured by something or someone and it felt like something really negative . . . but turned out to be positive? Have you ever hurt someone by not pressuring them or were hurt yourself due to a lack of pressure? This is a very interesting session that may make you look at both pressure and frustration in a very different light. If you would like to gain full control over all the frustration in every area of your life check out this video and learn the 3 Elements To Frustration as well as the benefits of pressure.

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Starter Lessons

Do we really have integrity in our company?

1. Career Success – How To See Personal Success In My Career / Life – Introduction

2. The Secret To Personal Success

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Career Success is a program designed to help employees, leaders and teams to see greater success .  How do we all learn to take personal ownership?  How do we learn not to be defensive and discover our own life vision and then connect our life vision into the team’s vision?

What happens if we don’t like and/or benefit from a lesson or feel that one is basic?  We’ll learn how to ask a series of questions which will assist us to gain a great deal of benefit from each natural law presented.

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3. Trust The Integrity Of The System

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willywonkaCareer Success has been developed from decades of top thought leaders.  You may be thinking “What can six minutes a week of videos really do to changing my life and / or my team?”  Actually big changes come from small consistent changes.   While there are people who have been changed by one video most individuals just start to look at the world from a very different mindset after a month or two going through Career Success. Complete the surveys after you view each video to give and get feedback.  “Together we really can accomplish far more than we ever could on our own.”

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Module 1

Module 1: Installing The Foundation - Workbook PDF

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The Frequency Principle

“The instruction for this Natural Law is in the process of being developed. If you would like to get a jump start on the development please feel free to bring this natural law up on one of the group coaching / mastermind calls.”

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#01. The Napoleon Hill Principle – Think, Believe, and Achieve

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ThinkGrow Think back when you were a child. Do you have any dreams and goals that you have had in the past that you have given up on? Do not give up on your dreams. Napoleon Hill shares that “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Dream again! – See more at: file:///C:/Users/Jon/Google%20Drive/TheVisionProject.net/LifeVision/CS_01.htm#sthash.O0LCcxeY.dpuf     Complete the surveys after you view each video to give and get feedback.  “Together we really can accomplish far more than we ever could on our own.”

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#02. SEE // UNDERSTAND // DO Principle

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To achieve our dreams and goals . . . to achieve our full potential we need to SEE the right things, UNDERSTAND all the great things those things can bring to our lives and UNDERSTAND how to achieve those things, and then DO, i.e. take action.

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#03. The Conflict Resolution Model

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conflictThis amazing model was created from effort to bring peace to the Middle East. It’s an interesting model to help us resolve conflict with those around us in a simple step by step process. Simple, easy to understand . . . will take some work to follow through on.

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#04. Investment/Return Principle

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investIf we make and investment and get a great return on that investment, what do we do. We will usually increase our investment into that area. This same principle is true with our careers as well. If we produce a great financial return for those we work for they will invest more into us. The better the return we give others the greater return we will see in our own lives.

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#05. Caught-In-The-Middle Principle

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caught in the middle principleDo you ever feel like you are held back due to those around you? This principle will help us to understand the science behind this and what we can do to help others and by helping others we will see greater success ourselves.

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#06. 12 Principles To Life Masteries

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12princRightDid you know that 95% of deep culture for most companies all around the world will the be same? Would you like to learn to think in a different why, in a way that will help you earn more money, work less hours, have less stress, and have greater life balance? You will love this natural law.

Listen to Lesson 12 Principles To Life Masteries – Click Here

#07. Code Of Honor/10 Rules To The Game

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_11

Code Of Honor – Click HereWe all live by a Code Of Honor but often don’t know what that is and our code of honor often does not match the code of honor of those around us. This creates challenges, conflict, and disappointment. It also creates a lot of missed opportunities for all of us.

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Detailed Up/Out
What does it really mean in detail?  Detailed decision making – Factors weighted in different ways “Do you ever feel your communication is lacking within your company?  Do you ever feel people waste a lot of time not sharing with others what they should be sharing or sharing far too much?  This short speed coaching session goes deep very quickly on the whole concept of managing/communicating Up and Out and the science behind doing it right.”

#08. The Roller Coaster Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_12

Do you ever see ups and downs in life? Do you wish there was greater consistency in the results you see both personally and professionally? You’ll enjoy learning about the Roller Coaster Principle and how we can learn to better control our future, our destiny.

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#09. The Cluster Principle & Next Dimension Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_13

Dimensions Do you feel you are so very close to breaking through a new dimension personally and/or professionally but are just missing that special something to create the tipping point moment?

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 Nex_Dim_Prin    Cluster_Prin

#10. Warm Belly Rub

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_14

bellyrubHave you ever wondered what the secret to reproducing your success or the success of others? The story shared here took over ten years to discover the secret to this mystery. We think you will enjoy this natural law a great deal.

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#11. The Teenage Principle

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Have you ever thought you could do something, but then couldn’t, or maybe you didn’t think you could do something that you ended up being able to do? You’ve had a teenage moment. It’s right at the point where we are close to making a breakthrough to the next dimension that we often see this come out in our lives. Learning this principle will help us to see many things we’ve never seen before.

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#12. Success #1 – What principle has team discovered? Domino Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_16

dominosHave you ever made a decision that domino’ed into a lot of other issues that you never anticipated? This natural law was discovered by a 9 year old boy and it’s a great one. What natural laws are our there just waiting to be discovered by you or I?

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#13. Discovering Your Values & Life Vision

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_17

futureDo you have your Life Vision written down? Do you even know what your life vision is? Most people do not and what’s a shame is that it’s actually really easy to start the discovery process and doesn’t take much time. This one will change the way you look at yourself.

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#14. 4 Steps To Great Leadership

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_18

Are you a leader? If you said “No” then you are a leader who does not realize this. Everyone is some type of leader and learning this natural law will help us not only in leadership but in getting anything we want in life. When we apply these four steps we will get more, in less time, with less effort, in any area of our life.

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#15. Life Vision - revisited ||Are we on track?||

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_19

pmbrainAre we listening and applying deeply all the natural laws to fulfill our full potential, i.e. our Life Vision?  Great reminder less as to why we are going through each Career Success and the overall importance it is to everything we value.

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Module 2

#1. Good asked once, GREAT None, Weak more than 1

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The Frequency Principle

“Have you ever thought yourself to be great, only to find out at some point in time that maybe you weren’t as great as you thought you where? We’ve all faced this at some point in our lives. This is an amazing natural laws that will make others around us see greater success in us and desire to help us see greater success as well.


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#2. 3 Steps To Anything

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_21

If you are running into any challenge in any area of your life and not sure which natural law to apply, this one will get the job done for you. This is the most universal of all natural laws and will will with any challenge/problem we are facing.

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#3. 5 “H’s” To Success

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Have you ever wondered what success really was and how to achieve it? HOPE – Head -Heart – Hands – HELP’ing other people is what helps us to fulfill many of our deep longings. There is so much richness to this natural law that we can take decades to really even gain a surface understanding of how powerful this natural law really is.

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#4. 5 “T’s” To Stewardship

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_23

Have you ever felt that one of your friends or co-workers was not a good steward of your friendship/life? Time – Talents – Treasure – Trust and Truth will change how we view how others interact with us and how we interact with others.

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#5. 5 Areas To Business

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_24

If you are working in/for a business and/or a community based organization then you will want to know the 5 areas of business. As we gain a better perspective of the entire big picture of how a business is really run and then OUR ROLE in the overall success within a company, we will see greater personal success.

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#6. 6 Steps To Drilling/Maintaining An Oil Well

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_25

Have you ever had a great idea that you didn’t follow through on? It might be because you didn’t know this natural law. Once we understand the six steps we are able to take any ideas we have and follow through with that idea.

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#7. 4/16 Personalities Types – Personality Masteries

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_26

pmbrainDo you understand how you are? Do you understand what makes you tick? Do you know, we mean really know, why you do what you do? Through a better understanding of personalities we will not only understand ourselves but also understand why we/other succeed and why we/others do not. This one lesson will start you on a journey to discovering some amazing things about yourself that you never even realized.

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#8. The Adult Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_27

teenDo you know any teenagers who believe/feel that adults expect more from teens than they do themselves? Do you know why they feel this way? It’s because there is far more truth to this than most adults would like to admit. When we learn about this principle we see greater truth and when we see greater truth we see greater success.

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#9. Learning Together Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_28

teamworkDo you believe that we can accomplish for more together that we ever could on our own? Napoleon Hill shares the power of a master mind group and when we learn how to combine the gifts/energy of others with ourselves, that produces amazing results.

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#10. The Self-Discipline Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_29

DisciplineDo you ever feel that you are not achieving your full potential? Do you think it might have some connection back into your own lack of self discipline? Learning the value of self discipline will change our future. zing results.

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#11. The Sling Shot & Magic Atomic Energy Principles

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_30

How do you respond when someone hurts you? How do you respond when negative things, totally outside your control hurt you? These natural laws help us to understand how to take deep hurt and the negative energy that can come from that and turn it into positive energy which will help us as well as others.

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#12. 3 for 1 Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_31

How would you like an extra 20 hours of free time, every week, that you do not know what to do with? This natural law took over 25 years to discover and perfect and at first, you probably will not believe it’s possible. Over time though, when you apply it properly, you will gain freedom, and do those things you heart desires for you to do.

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#13. The Special Date Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_32

relationshipDo you ever find yourself having regrets? Do you ever wish you could be more proactive in relationships? When we learn to do the right things, in the right way, over the right period of time with those who are special in our lives, we build life long relationships.

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#14. Value In Life – Focus on Others

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_33

What do you value in life most? Do your values transcend every area of your life or do you have certain values in certain areas of your life and then other values in other areas? When we know our values and then live our values in every area of life we will see success in everything we value.

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#15. Life Vision - revisited ||Are we on track?||

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_34

Are we listening and applying deeply all the natural laws to fulfill our full potential, i.e. our Life Vision?  Great reminder less as to why we are going through each Career Success and the overall importance it is to everything we value. If you have not discovered and written down your Life Vision you will want to do that.  All seven lessons are powerful – check them out – Lesson #4 is where we can learn how to discover our own Life Vision.

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Module 3

#1. Claim Unclaimed Territory

Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_35

TerritoryDo you want to see greater success in your career? This natural law helped Tom Kunz become the worldwide President of CENTURY 21. Tom oversaw over 140,000 sales professionals in over 70 countries and Tom attributes much of his success to this natural law. Great one to really take to heart.


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#2. Being a “Producer” vs. a “Consumer”


  Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_36

confDo you ever wonder why people how have low self esteem got to where they are? Would you love to feel in control of your future? When we produce more than we consume we not only feel great but also gain confidence. When we consume more than we produce our self esteem/confidence drops like a rock. Great natural law to teach to children at a very young age.


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#3. Life Masteries Institute - 25 Year Value Transfer System

   Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_37

Are there secrets that we could learn from past generations that we do not? Are their netural laws which when followed, will give us everything we ever dream of? This system/process took decades to develop/discover and will help you and those around you to see greater success.

 Listen to Lesson Have you ever wondered why people have the value system we have? Do we ever see values in ourselves or others that hold us back? Are you an employee and wonder how to see greater success in your career? Are you a business owner have a desire, a passion to help your employees / team members earn more . . . but need to have greater profitability to do that?

How do we individually and also assist those around us learn to Think Differently, jump to a new Dimension of thinking . . . to DO what we need to DO to get what we WANT to get in every area of Life?

The following system has taken decades to create and will take a life time . . . no many life times . . . to pursue.

25 Year Value Development System ~ Part 1

25 Year Value Development System ~ Part 2

25 Year Value Development System ~ Part 3

100+ Value Transfer System

Online 25 Year Value Transfer Survey


#4. Jim Rohn - Planting Seeds Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_38

“What we so is what we reap”- a principle coming from Jim Rohn, who states that you work for your ways but are also planning,
(or planting) for the future. Click on the lesson to learn more.

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#5. The Little Elephant Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_39

 elephantHave you ever “failed” at something and never gone back and tried it again? Have you ever had a dream and then given up that dream? Is there anything you desire but do not believe that you are able to do what is necessary to achieve those dreams?

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#6. The HUGE Benefit to being Frustrated (3 elements)


  Direct Link http://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_40

Do you ever get frustrated over things and wish you wouldn’t? Do you know how to turn frustration into your friend? Do you know the three elements to frustration and the great benefits that frustration brings when we respond in a proper way? Amazing life lesson which will help us in every area of our lives.


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#7. 10 Laws from the Harvard School of Law


  Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_41

Have you ever wondered how to see greater success in your career? Put these 10 Laws to the test in your career and you’ll be sought after in anything you do. Your value will more than double.

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#8. Taking Personal Ownership Principle


 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_42

When we take personal ownership we gain control over our lives…when we blame someone, or something else and/or accept any reason for “failure” we give up control.

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#9. Dirt in the gutter principle (Tom Kunz 9 years old)
#10. The “Real Story” principle to change
#11. The loss of control to gain control principle


    Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_45

A lesson on how to think properly including a driver personality’s fear of the loss of control over numerous task in sitations.

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#12. Simple To Complex To Simple


   Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_46

Simple To Complex To Simple Principle and how powerful VA’s are “Do you ever feel like you have too much complexity in your business/life? Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in sales, profits, income, or even in personal growth? Do you ever wish you could leap frog dimensions and accomplish a lot more in a lot less time? This session could change the way you view things forever. Listen close and you’ll hear a story of our a VA – Virtual Assistant was able to accomplish more in 48 hours than a whole team was able to accomplish in two months. Learning to apply the 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries + Natural Laws will change the way we think . . . when we think in a different way . . . our actions change . . . and when our actions change our lives will be changed forever.”

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#13. The Black Hawk Helicopter – Prioritization
#14. The 3 Concubine Story
#15. Life Vision – “Are we on track?”


     Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_49

Review of Module 3: What Is Required For True Success In Life?
3 Step Vision

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Module 4

#1. The Grandpa Chappell Principle

  Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_50

Overview Have we ever been told something and didn’t listen as well as we should have? It seems . . . often in life . . . that right before a huge opportunity . . . or a huge challenge that we’re given some type of insight or warning . . . and we often don’t listen. If we learn to be better listeners, learners and more humble that we’ll SEE critical things before we need to which then gives us the ability to DO things, based in faith which then not only leads to faster and stronger UNDERSTANDING but also greater success in every area of life we value.

Lissen To Lesson

#1b. SPECIAL - How to change . . . when change is hard.
#2. The Golf Pro Principle

Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_53

In this lesson, learn how to trust the integrity of a system and use a pro to help you use it in the right way.

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#3. The “Best I Can” Principle – Military General
#4. On death bed, no one wished they spent more time working
#5. “Hawaii Five-O” – Navy Seals Principle (JC)
#6. The Potato Chip Story - How to make woman in your life happy story.
#7. Taking Personal Ownership – Programmer vs. Owner
#8. Short-term vs. Long-term thinking - Personalities
#9. Going after the juiciest apple principle – Judy/cute girl
#10. Quickly acknowledge wrong . . . no one remembers.
#11. The 12 Inch Pie Tin Principle
#12. Zero Resistance Principle
#14. The Crab In The Bucket Principle
#15. Life Vision – “Are we on track?”

Module 5

#1. Cost for Every Interruption Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_66

“The instruction for this Natural Law is in the process of being developed. If you would like to get a jump start on the development please feel free to bring this natural law up on one of the group coaching / mastermind calls.”

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#2. The Frequency Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_67

“The instruction for this Natural Law is in the process of being developed. If you would like to get a jump start on the development please feel free to bring this natural law up on one of the group coaching / mastermind calls.”

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#3. The NEXT Dimension Principle

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_68

“The instruction for this Natural Law is in the process of being developed. If you would like to get a jump start on the development please feel free to bring this natural law up on one of the group coaching / mastermind calls.”

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#5. Controlling the Crazies Principle
#6. The Breaking Free Principle
#8. Great Teachers Great Students Principle
#10. Problem Solving - Albert Einstein
#13. Rings Of Influence Principle
#14. The Profitable Partnership Model

 Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_79

Click to PlayAre we sitting on a diamond mine . . . and don’t even realize it? Often profitable partnerships are just like diamonds in the rough and it takes not only a trained eye to SEE them but a system by which to mine and refine them.

Many, if not most, of our clients could be Profitable Partnerships if we had the right BOS – Business Operating System in place to leverage “The Profitable Partnership Model” to see greater success and create WIN WIN WIN for us and all those around us. Share this model with everyone of our clients, all those that we know and . . . who knows . . . what diamonds may show up.

#15. Life Vision "Are We On Track?"

Module 6: The Speed Of Thought . . .

#1. Learning To SEE the TRUTH

Coming Soon

#2. Learning to DO the TRUTH

Coming Soon

#3. Learning to UNDERSTAND the TRUTH

Coming Soon

#5. 6 Steps To Overcoming Blindness

Coming Soon

#6. Rapid Implementation Model

Coming Soon

#7. Closing Of the Loop Principle

Coming Soon

#8. Group Think . . . How we protect the way we think and act

Coming Soon

#10. The Power Of Submission Principle

Coming Soon

#11. Making your ideas seem like someone else's idea Principle

Coming Soon

#12. There is nothing so unequal as treating unequal people equally.

Coming Soon

#13. Our Belief System

Coming Soon

#14. Deep Listening Principle

Coming Soon

#15. Life Vision ||Are We On Track?||

Coming Soon

Module 7

#1. Value of Vulnerability - Leadership Tip

Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_94

Have you ever felt like you wanted to have a greater impact on the people around you . . . but didn’t know how? Did you ever wish you could help others around you to change?     This real life story will help you to learn how vulnerability will not only change others around you but also yourself. This lesson is a much longer lesson! It’s worth it to take the 60 minutes to go through the whole thing. It’s the 29th lesson in Sticky Messages and maybe the most powerful in helping people to learn to be vulnerable. There are some deep secrets in this lesson as well. If you don’t discover the secrets connect with the person who introduced you to this lesson.

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#2. Lead a Horse to Water Principle


Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_96

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Three of David’s brave men recoved water from their enemies but he did not drink it. What does that mean? Learn more about it as we discuss Leadership and taking the initiative without being informedd

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#3. Just Stop It Principle


Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_97

Have you ever wondered what’s really holding you back? Have you ever thought you had a lot of “reasons” for not doing something? This natural law may not be politically correct but it will work if people will just apply it. Have a little fun and pass it along to others you know. 🙂

“Stop It” Skit by Bob Newhart from Tim Tolosa on Vimeo.

#5. Ego & Being Of One Mind
#6. Arrogant = Stupid Principle

Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_100

Often people who accuse others of being arrogant are arrogant themselves. Often the most arrogant people give the impression they are not and are very religious and humble . . . when in fact they are not. They are often speakers, pastors or people who get in front of others and learn to seduce the audience in many ways. Watch this video and see if you believe if anyone who watches this video could really be arrogant.

Great leaders don’t have to be told where they are off . . . “In just the right way.” or “At the right time.” or “With the right heart.” or “With the right motive.”  Great leaders can be told in front of those they are leading how wrong they are and will embrace this without becoming defensive or offended.  Great leaders really know they are stupid and embrace others who point it out to them and embrace those people.  

#7. Creating A Movement - Crazy Dancing Man

Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_101

Have you ever wondered how to set up a movement? The science of building a quick following and being a great leader are shared in this short video. Who can you be the second or third follower to? Who can follow you? Share three things with those we are masterminding with. This process is called Manage Up/Out. 1. What I learned. 2. What ACTION I will take from what I learned. 3. What I will learn next.

#8. Being HUMBLE and AMAZED . . .

Direct Linkhttp://dnaforlife-laws.com/career-success/#et_pb_accordion_item_102

Do you know anyone who thinks they are really smart? Do you ever feel kind of prideful, or arrogant? Do you know anyone who is very educated or skilled in an area? Here is the prescription . . . “What this video once a day until humility starts to come back.” Great video for being humble AND for having a deep appreciation for the amazing and assume universe we all live it. Share this with others . . .

#9. Happiness = Success, NOT Success = Happiness
This TED Talks video helps us to learn to think in a very different way.  It’s a funny video and one that we’ll want to share.  We have  happiness backwards as we do with success.  We also see how BIG everything and especially psychology maybe hurting more people than they are helping?
Combine this one with Module 7, Lesson #3, Just Stop It and we’ll change the world.
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#10. Point of Entry Principle
#11. The Extra Mile Principle & 3 Feet From Gold

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