Purpose For Mastermind
Entrepreneurial development for virtual assistant, programming, web development, video product training and others through training, coaching and mentoring to assist individuals, worldwide, start their own companies. As a result of this amazing training and mentoring local communities will improve their economic, personal, and business development for budding business owners all around the world.

Why We Started This Effort
There are so many needs around the world in so many areas.  There are so many gaps businesses have in finding competent, skilled, committed and consistent resources to help them grow that we decided to fill that gap for businesses and for individuals seeking to gain freedom from having a job.  This effort will provide true freedom for established business owners seeking to not own a job but own a company and for those who have a job, but are seeking to start a company.

Day & Time & Location
– Email AvaLynda Casey <avalyndacasey@gmail.com> for details
– Conference calling number – 712-775-7031    // Access Code: 688-592#
– Webinar Access: www.RavingFan.net

– NONE – Members have found the most interesting thing. Those you Pay It Forward and make a commitment to contribute weekly gain the most value. It’s also interesting that those who contribute more seem to gain more value.4

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