Peace In The Middle East & Serenity In Our Self

“This project holds such a special place in my heart not only as a Mother, but as a humanitarian! There is so much beauty in this world that gets covered up – and I want to help change that! I believe that every child, and every person on this planet, deserves to feel loved  and important to others. I’ve learned that we can change the world by first changing ourselves, helping to positively change the environment around us….and taking those positive changes and reaching out into the rest of the world. We CAN make a difference!”

-Emily Dunn – Owner of multiple businesses  and humanitarian with Life Masteries Institute

“As a business owner, a husband, father of 7, and grandfather of 5 – I am constantly looking for ways to that I can use my business to positively impact everyone around me, and the world. My life vision is to positively touch every single person on this planet in a fun and exciting way – and YEP…that’s 7 BILLION people!  I have seen Life Masteries Institute do some AMAZING things with businesses and communities….and this is one of their BEST projects!”

-Mark Boersma – President of Synergy Solutions

“At Tanglewood Conservatories we design and architect one-of-a-kind exquisite conservatories…bringing intense beauty into the lives and homes of our clients. We believe in adding beauty to the world…which is why we support Life Masteries Institute and their Peace in the Middle East – Serenity to Self project. We add beauty to the world through materials….while Life Masteries Institute adds beauty to the world through the hearts and compassion.”

Alan Stein – Co-Founder of Tanglewood Conservatories

“As a young, newlywed married couple…giving back and serving others is one of the cornerstones of our marriage.  We love the work that Life Masteries does…and the PASSION they have for their work and impacting others. What they do is truly magical…and something that cannot be duplicated. This project is a perfect example – they are looking at the problems of the world in a such a different way…that it makes a HUGE impact!”

Jason and Melissa Miller – Owners of multiple businesses

Peace In The Middle East / World & Serenity In Our Self

Do you feel at peace with yourself and those around you? Is there really a solution for Peace In The Middle East . . . and around the world? We are creating mastermind groups around the world to do this very thing!

Our approach seems to be very different than others as we focus on helping individuals worldwide learn to have SERENITY individually . . . peace within themselves as Step 1 ~ Serenity.

Step 2 ~ Unity, is connecting with others we may be at odds with through arts, music, sports, business, science, education, our passions and/or really anything that may create and bring unity through mutual benefit.

As we find personal serenity and then unity with others through things which create mutual interests and benefits . . . we believe that will start a Ripple Reaction . . . i.e. the best peace process in the world.

“Future Influencers” project starts at the core….the CHILDREN!  What better way to change the world, and the future, than to start with the children! We are helping children over in Pakistan who are orphaned and/or enslaved in the brick kiln factories…showing them that they are LOVED from others all around the world, and helping them to change their future!

“Dove Of Peace” project is the catalyst for this entire worldwide project / movement. Our hope is that your life vision will fit into our vision of Serenity ~ Unity ~ Peace for everyone. This exciting single project is already attracting other artists / musicians, those involved in sports, business owners and leaders, those in science and those in education from around the world.

“We can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own!”

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