Helping Kids At Risk . . .

Future Influencers
Empower, Freedom, Equip

How do you help to create Peace in the Middle East…
and all over the world…and gain serenity to self?

By looking to the FUTURE INFLUENCERS! Which means…taking care of the children! There are many children in desperate need of help…children that could become some of the most influential leaders as they grow. The problem is, many of these children are orphaned, or even enslaved by others in Pakistan, and may never achieve their potential without outside help…without adults who care for and love these special children!

Our mission is to help these children…not only by helping to provide them the necessities they need…but also by helping to provide them education, freedom…and impact their way of thinking in a way that EMPOWERS them to come out of their hardships as children, help others, start their own businesses and positively influence the world.

We are determined to equip these children with the necessities they need, provide them freedom from their current struggles, and empower them to pursue great things in their lives, and turn around help the children that come after them!

This isn’t a project for just one group of people…but a project for EVERYONE…a project that will impact current generations and future generations!

Sponsoring a Child

Right this very minute….a child NEEDS you and is PRAYING for YOU!

RIGHT NOW there is a child in Pakistan who is either orphaned, or enslaved in the brick kiln factories, and is living in terrible conditions; no running water, no education, in need of winter clothes and blankets….in need of LOVE!  They are praying daily for you to receive many blessings from God…it’s time that we bless them the best that we can!

LMI is teaming up with a group of Pakistani Christians, who are fighting for what they believe in (as Christianity isn’t very welcome in Pakistan) and is also fighting for these children! They visit with these children daily to help provide them food, clothes, prayer, and LOVE!

Our first goal to help these children is to provide them with winter clothes and blankets. We are asking that you sign up to sponsor a child! What does this mean?

Sponsoring a child:

Sending quarterly materials for the quarterly “drive” – throughout the year we will be sending a package to the children based off of what their seasonal/educational needs are – right now we are working to send them some winter clothes, blankets and art supplies.  If you would like to pick something out for your child yourself…you are more than welcome!

-Letters of encouragement – we also ask that you send a monthly letter of encouragement to your child, so that they know there are people in the world who care about them, love them and believe in them. The children do not currently have an education (that is one of our goals!) so they may not be able to write back often…but your support to them means the whole world!

– Monthly Donations – we also ask that you would commit to 1 of the 3 levels of monthly donations for your child…what is this used for? The 3 levels of monthly donations are down below!
-Shipping costs for big packages
-Educational materials
-Emergency food/clothing fund
-Savings towards buying their freedom from the brick kilns

We have a total of 58 children that need sponsoring! Once you fill out the form to sponsor a child(ren)…you will receive an email with their photo(s), name(s), age(s), and clothing size(s).  You will also receive important information about what to do for the our first clothing collection. You can also expect a ‘Thank You call’ from someone from LMI to personally thank you, and answer any questions that you may have!

At LMI…we are all parents…and naturally we want to share the love we have for our own children, and give it to other children who are not as fortunate. We believe that EVERY child should feel loved, cared for, and important…and we hope you feel the same!

Levels of Monthly Sponsorship:

$30/Month – you will receive your child’s name and all of their information. You will be helping to cover the basic costs of the very basic needs of your child.  Also, you will receive a monthly update on all of the children.

  • $50/Month – along with all of the information on your child, the monthly updates and covering the costs for the very basic items needed, you will also be contributing to the “group fund” which will be used to purchase items for all of the children to use…such as art supplies, educational materials, etc. LMI will also work with the group in Pakistan to have your child send you a picture and/or letter from time to time!  Also, your name and business will also be published on the LMI contributors webpage!


  1. $90/month – at this contribution level, you will be receiving everything that the first two levels receive, as well as:
  • Contributing to the overall fund that will start saving to rescue enslaved children from the brick kilns
  • Along with your name and business on the contributors webpage, you will also be able to put a small logo and few sentences about your business.
  • Special Recognition at special events, such as Mastermind Seminars
  • If you choose, you can assist to mentor the rescued children in starting their own businesses AND/or developing a plan for financial independence AND helping those rescued to help rescue other children in the future.

These children have touched my heart deeply over the last few months….and I am hoping that they will touch yours as well!

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