We are partnering up with the students at Kosovo Leadership Academy to impact Europe’s YOUNGEST country! Kosovo, which has been an independent country for ONLY 10 years, also has the youngest population at about 70% of the population is 30 and under!

This is a country that is HUNGRY for change..which is evident to the hardships they have encountered to become independent….and HUNGRY to do better! Working with these students has amazed us every step of the way as we see first hand their level of focus, determination and consistency!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to greatly impact a COUNTRY….that may never happen again! We are working with the students to start a series of business-development seminars, through Mastermind Seminars and Coffee Connections to grow business and entrepreneurship throughout the country, bring the community together, and start having them work with other businesses and professionals in America! Every gift that is given to this project, no matter the size, is truly helping to build a legacy in a country that is so brand new, create a beautiful partnership between Kosovo and America and will truly resonate throughout the world in a massive ripple reaction over the years!

Thank you for being generous!

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