“The magical ARTS of POSITIVE Motivation & Manipulation!” This white paper is like non other in the white paper library. It has been crafted by 5 secret authors and is only available to those who seek to learn the magical arts of POSITIVE Motivation & Manipulation. Every human being manipulates those around us to get what we want. The real question is . . . “Is our Wii-FM (What’s In It For Me) creating a long-term win for everyone involved or is just for my benefit.” To obtain this white paper, one must complete a short online LEVERAGE survey and then agree to the terms of agreement, which in part, is to always use LEVERAGE to the mutual long term benefit of everyone.

Important Note . . . Again, this is a very advanced white paper and it’s ideal if one has completed Level 1 and Level 2 white papers before doing a deep dive into this white paper and the entire LEVERAGE Project network. This is a very exclusive group of individuals . . . which is open to everyone. 🙂 Weird . . . but true . . . you’ll grow to understand this as you get deeper into the LEVERAGE project.

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