Discovery Learning

Are you interested in helping people to learn to Think Differently to solve all their challenges / problems?

Would you love to turn your love for people and/or for solving problems into residual income?

You can earn money from Discovery Learning from really any area of life. The following are a few of the areas some individuals are focused on:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Community Organizations
  • Non Profits
  • Sports
  • Media
  • Religion
  • Medical
  • Science

Jennifer Tibbs, middle school math teacher, international speaker and author and entrepreneur is one of the founding members for taking Discovery Learning into all types of organizations to LEVERAGE success and create residual income.

Walk through “The Story” and then review over “Discovery Learning for Business” as an example of how Discovery Learning could be taken into any type of group to solve problems which have puzzled people in those groups for decades.

The “Simple System” helps individuals in any organization really discover “What Do I Really Want” which is the first step in learning to think differently. Learning to take personal ownership for knowing what I really want and then figuring out what I need to do to achieve what I want in life.

“Overcoming Entitlement” and other lessons are a great example for what Discovery Learning can do to take any challenge / problem from any individual and/or company and together we can come together and Think Differently which helps us individually and as a team to heal things that the core . . . rather than helping things at a symptom level.

There are so many applications for Discovery Learning that it is important to have a Legacy Partner 30 minute Strategy Session to determine how you can best achieve your goals. Please put in Referred By: Discovery Learning ~ name of person who referred you.

Discovery Learning 30 Minute Strategy Session

One of the most powerful aspects of Discovery Learning is that it provides a structure, a format where you can take what you know, your knowledge, wisdom, your connections / networks and turn it into a revenue generating machine. 🙂

Discovery Learning actively uses ARRT ~ Atomic Ripple Reaction Team / Tree to assist you learn to LEVERAGE your 7 T’s to Stewardship ~ Time (T1), Talents (T2), Treasure (T3), Trust (T4), Truth (T5), Temple (T6) and Thought (T7) to discover your Life Vision and then live it each and every day.

ARRT White Paper The LEVERAGE Project

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