Phase 1: Discover My Life Vision

Welcome and congratulations on embarking on a life journey which will change your life and the lives of those around you . . . forever! This is a journey, it is not a destination. Enjoy, have fun and share with others. Step 1: Welcome / History / Getting Started Mark Boersma discovered his life vision at the age of 8 years old and then took over 30 years to figure out a system to help others learn how to discover their life vision. Pretty interesting story. Sit in and listen as Mark and Pat talk with Amanda about Amanda getting started on her journey to discover life vision.

To request your own personal online copy where you can fill it out through a Google text document directly online and then share that with others, click on . . . Google Text Document. Request access to this document and someone from Life Masteries Institute will create a specific document for you to work through everything online. Additional examples of others who have completed their Life Vision can be viewed online.

Step 2: Complete pages 1 to 6 What is our personality? What does our personality have to do with discovering and living our life vision? What is the biggest challenge we’re facing in any area of our life? What do our challenges / problems have to do with our life vision? How coach-able and trusting are we and what does that have to do with our overall success, i.e. achieving our life vision? Would you like to connect with more people, do so faster and do so with a lot less effort, work and time? Complete the Rapid Connect Comment Process (RCC) and we’ll realize some very exciting things about ourselves and others. What are we passionate about? How do our passions reveal what our life vision really is?

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