Have you ever wondered if having passive income was possible?

Have you ever felt that you had a story and/or experiences and/or special insights that you just had to tell the world but were not sure how to go about doing that?

Welcome to the Master & Monetize (M&M) mastermind group where we help our members to take 17 steps to take who they are and will be and turn it into passive income streams of revenue.

This is a by invitation only mastermind group. If you have not completed your 30 minute gift Strategy Session please do so.

NOTE: You greatly increase your likelihood of being offered an invitation by completing the more
advanced survey on the above link.

We LEVERAGE, “The MAGICAL Arts of POSITIVE Motivation &
Manipulation ARRT ~ Atomic Ripple Reaction Team / Tree to impact the world.

Learn How To . . .

  • Discover Your Life Vision
  • Crystallize your idea
  • Fine tune your best thoughts
  • Write a white paper
  • Design a business engine
  • Create a marketing machine
  • Build a solid / loyal network
  • Write a book
  • Create seminars / workshops
  • Develop consulting systems
  • Develop speaking systems
  • Create certification programs
  • Create distribution channels
  • Farm out all the work
  • Live Your Life Vision Daily

ARRT is a powerful system designed to build a like minded network of people all working together to
accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.

The pricing methodology is fairly simple. Those who get in at the beginning and are a part of the
foundation enjoy the benefits of starting when there was nothing.

As the ARRT network grows then the network gains in value and power and there is a greater
financial investment.

Affiliate programs are available so you can actually turn your LEARNING into EARNING.

The first 2 Ripples (15 people) join for $17 a month. Ripple 3, the next 15 people join for $24 a month.

Ripple 4, (30 people) moves up by $7 as does ever Ripple thereafter. A Ripple is double the previous
Ripple and average 12 Ripples there are 15,330 people in the network.

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