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Welcome to a new Master & Monetize mastermind group. This group is in the formation stage which is the perfect time for you to join. 🙂

The first step to determine if you are a good fit for the new and exciting mastermind group is to complete the 30 minute Strategy Session or 30 MSS. Your 30 MSS consultant will give you some amazing insights on your personality and if / how you could greatly benefit from being a part of this most exciting group . . . if that is the case.

After you complete the 30 MSS, we’ll give you additional information on the formation process and how you can become engaged ASAP.

Amazing Meeting Time
Every Tuesday ~ 7 pm (Eastern Time)
712-775-7031 – Code: 688-592#
Webinar: www.RavingFan.net

Goal / Purpose Of Group
Helping those in the black community AND those who are interested in doing business / partner with those in the black community to assist those in the black community become successful and profitable entrepreneurs.

Assignment #1 ~ 5 Life Changing White Papers

Becoming A Great Team Member

  • Read 5 white papers in Phase 1 White Paper Library.
  • After each white paper email – Manage Up/Out to your ARRT Mentor & 2 ARRT Buddies.   Please answer the follow three white papers.
  •    1. What Did I Learn?
  •    2. What Action Will I Take From What I Learned?
  •    3. What Do I Need To Learn Next?

There is NO cost to participate in this mastermind group. 

You are free to invite anyone you want, of any color 🙂 from anywhere in the world to attend.  

To get even more from this group and to see success faster, we would recommend that you join the Please CLONE Me” mastermind group, but that is up to you totally.  That mastermind group is $17 a month.  


BIG Picture Agenda ~ 1st Draft
1. Getting seasoned owners to work less.
    a. Developing a BOS ~ Business Operating System
    b. Breaking down all the systems that I need to have and do or do not have.
    c. How do I see my bind spots.
    d. Bringing in outside help to fill in for those gaps that I have.
    e. How do I clone the Warm Belly Rubs.

2. Assist those who are selling a business to . . .
    a. Figure out how to best position company to sell and sell for the best price.
    b. How do I find potential buyers.
    c. How do I screen / top grade my buyers.
    d. How do I create a Legacy in the sale.
    e. How do I set up the best transfer EVERYTHING to the new owner.

3. Assist those who are seeking to buy / start a business . . .
     a. Do I really want . . . NO I mean really want to own or start a business?
     b. What do I really need to do, to be, to know, to see to be a business owner?
     c. What part of BOS do I naturally have skills, talents and passions for . . . AND . . . where am I lacking and how to do I plug the gaps?
    d. What type of business may I be interested in? Do I want to run it or have someone else run it?
    e. How do I find potential business to buy or start?
    f. How do I screen / top grade potentially businesses to buy or start?
    g. How do I “Start with the end in mind” // What legacy do I want to leave? What is my life vision?
    h. How do I set up the best transfer EVERYTHING from the current owner to myself?  

Interesting Information . . . 
“(B)lack men who served in the military are more likely to be in the middle class than those who did not. Black men who attended religious services are 76 percent more likely to attain at least middle-class status then those who did not.” 

~ David Brooks, The New York Times ~

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